This is documentation for MapR Version 5.0. You can also refer to MapR documentation for the latest release.

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Hue’s Impala application supports interactive SQL and HiveQL queries from within your browser. Hue provides additional functionality with Impala that is not available from the command line such as parameterized queries, syntax highlighting, and saving queries.

For information about installing Impala, see Installing Impala on MapR.


To disable the Impala application, see Disabling an Application.

To configure Hue to work with Impala, edit the impala section of the hue.ini file and change parameter values as necessary. The next section shows the default version of the Impala settings in hue.iniFor instructions on how to change Impala settings, see Modifying the hue.ini File.

Default Impala Settings in hue.ini

The default version of the impala section of the hue.ini file is shown below.

Modifying the hue.ini File

To configure Hue to work with Impala, change the values of the following parameters in the impala section of the hue.ini file:

ParameterDefault ValueDescription



The hostname or IP address of the Impala server



The port of the Impalad server


Turns the impersonation mechanism on or off when talking to Impala

  1. If server_host is not localhost, change the hostname (and remove the ## characters to uncomment the line).

  2. If you are not using the default server port (21050), change the server_port setting to the port you are using (and remove the ## characters to uncomment the line).

  3. Enable impersonation in Impala so the user mapr can impersonate any Linux PAM user on the cluster:

    1. Edit the /opt/mapr/impala/impala-1.2.3/conf/ file, and add the following property to the section IMPALA_SERVER_ARGS=*/:

    2. Restart Impala.

  4. Enable impersonation for Impala in the hue.ini file by setting impersonation_enabled to true (and remove the ## characters to uncomment the line).

  5. Restart Hue so the changes will take effect.

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