This is documentation for MapR Version 5.0. You can also refer to MapR documentation for the latest release.

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Complete the following steps to integrate Hue with Oozie:

1. Edit the hue.ini File 

 Configure the location where the Oozie service is running.


2. Enable User Impersonation for Oozie

To enable user impersonation in Oozie through Hue,

  1. Add the following lines to the oozie-site.xml file:

    In most cases, mapr is the <default_user>. This should be the same default user that is specified in the hue.ini and the core-site.xml.


  2. Restart Oozie
    To restart Oozie, first stop Oozie then start it:

    To verify that the Oozie server started, enter:

    The output from this command should look similar to this:

    You can also check Oozie logs to verify that Oozie started. The log is found here: /opt/mapr/oozie/oozie-3.3.2/logs/oozie.log

3. Additional Configurations

Perform any additional Hue configurations and then restart Hue so that the changes will take effect.  See Starting the Hue Webserver

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