This is documentation for MapR Version 5.0. You can also refer to MapR documentation for the latest release.

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These pages exist to redirect traffic that comes in to popular out-of-date URLs. Each of these pages redirects to an appropriate, alternative page.

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Page: dump changeloglevel Page: Node Topology Page: High Availability NFS Page: Specifying Disks or Partitions for Use by MapR Page: User Guide Page: Subnet Whitelist Page: M3 - RHEL or CentOS Page: M3 - Ubuntu Page: M5 - RHEL or CentOS Page: M5 - Ubuntu Page: Datameer Trial Page: M5 Page: M3 Page: M3 - SUSE Page: M5 - SUSE Page: Manual Upgrade for Hadoop Ecosystem Components Page: Other Installation Methods Page: Single Node - RHEL or CentOS Page: Single Node - SUSE Page: Single Node - Ubuntu Page: MapR Data Platform Release Notes Page: Installation Guide - Legacy, March 18, 2013 Page: Accessing MapR Data Platform (maprfs) in Java Applications Page: Accessing MapR Data Platform (maprfs) in C Applications Page: Manual Upgrade Page: Cluster Upgrade Page: Upgrading to Version 2.1.0 Page: Getting a License Page: Installing MapR Page: MapR-FS Page: MapReduce Page: Mirrors Page: Mirror Volumes Page: Snapshots Page: Quick Start - MapR Virtual Machine Page: Requirements Page: Volumes Page: Adding Roles Page: Cluster Configuration Page: Failover Page: Local Packages - Red Hat Page: MapR Control System Reference Page: Package Dependencies for MapR version 2.x Page: Setting Up NFS Page: Tuning MapReduce Page: High Availability (HA) Page: Rolling Upgrade1.2 Page: Troubleshooting Alarms Page: Shutting Down and Restarting a Cluster Page: Assigning Services to Nodes for Best Performance Page: Placing Jobs on Specified Nodes Page: Services Page: Startup and Shutdown Page: Designating NICs for MapR Page: Monitoring Page: Disaster Recovery Page: MapR Release Notes Page: AsyncHBase Release Notes Page: Cascading Release Notes Page: Flume Release Notes Page: HBase Release Notes Page: HCatalog Release Notes Page: Hive Release Notes Page: Mahout Release Notes Page: Oozie Release Notes Page: Pig Release Notes Page: Sqoop Release Notes Page: Whirr Release Notes Page: Quick Start - Small Cluster Page: Quick Start - Single Node Page: Installation Guide Page: Job Metrics Page: Alarms and Notifications Page: Balancers Page: Users and Groups Page: Disks Page: Security Page: Nodes Page: Configuring Hue Page: Configuring Hive on a Secure Cluster Page: Upgrading to Spark 1.2.1 and 1.3.1 Page: Spark 1.2.1 and 1.3.1 Page: Upgrading HCatalog Page: Spark 1.5.1 Developer Preview Page: Spark 1.6.0 Developer Preview