This is documentation for MapR Version 5.0. You can also refer to MapR documentation for the latest release.

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The volume dump restore command restores or updates a volume from a dump file. Permissions required: fc or restore on the volume 

There are two ways to use volume dump restore:

  • With a full dump file, volume dump restore recreates a volume from scratch from volume data stored in the dump file.
  • With an incremental dump file, volume dump restore updates a volume using incremental changes stored in the dump file. 

The volume that results from a volume dump restore operation is a mirror volume whose source is the volume from which the dump was created. After the operation, this volume can perform mirroring from the source volume.

When you are updating a volume from an incremental dump file, you must specify an existing volume and an incremental dump file. To restore from a sequence of previous dump files would involve first restoring from the volume's full dump file, then applying each subsequent incremental dump file.

A restored volume may contain mount points that represent volumes that were mounted under the original source volume from which the dump was created. In the restored volume, these mount points have no meaning and do not provide access to any volumes that were mounted under the source volume. If the source volume still exists, then the mount points in the restored volume will work if the restored volume is associated with the source volume as a mirror.

To restore from a full dump plus a sequence of incremental dumps:

  1. Restore from the full dump file, using the -n option to create a new mirror volume and the -name option to specify the name. Example:

  2. Restore from each incremental dump file in order, specifying the same volume name. Examples:

    ...and so on.



maprcli volume dump restore
    [ -cluster <cluster> ]
    [ -dumpfile dumpfilename ]
    [ -i ]
    [ -n ]
    -name <volume name>







The cluster on which to run the command.


The name of the dumpfile (ignored if -i is used).


This option reads the dump file from stdin.


This option creates a new volume if it doesn't exist.


A volume name, in the form volumename


Restore a volume from a full dump file:


maprcli volume dump restore -name volume -dumpfile fulldump1

Apply an incremental dump file to a volume:


maprcli volume dump restore -name volume -dumpfile incrdump1

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