This is documentation for MapR version 4.0.x. You can also refer to MapR documentation for the latest or previous releases.

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MapR services produce metrics that can be written to an output file or consumed by Ganglia. The file metrics output is directed by the files.

By default, the CLDB and FileServer metrics are sent via unicast to the Ganglia gmon server running on localhost. To send the metrics directly to a Gmeta server, change the cldb.servers property to the hostname of the Gmeta server. To send the metrics to a multicast channel, change the cldb.servers property to the IP address of the multicast channel.

Metrics Collected

Below are the kinds of metrics that can be collected.



Number of FileServers
Number of Volumes
Number of Containers
Cluster Disk Space Used GB
Cluster Disk Space Available GB
Cluster Disk Capacity GB
Cluster Memory Capacity MB
Cluster Memory Used MB
Cluster Cpu Busy %
Cluster Cpu Total
Number of FS Container Failure Reports
Number of Client Container Failure Reports
Number of FS RW Container Reports
Number of Active Container Reports
Number of FS Volume Reports
Number of FS Register
Number of container lookups
Number of container assign
Number of container corrupt reports
Number of rpc failed
Number of rpc received

FS Disk Used GB
FS Disk Available GB
Cpu Busy %
Memory Total MB
Memory Used MB
Memory Free MB
Network Bytes Received
Network Bytes Sent

Setting Up Service Metrics

To configure metrics for a service:

  1. Edit the appropriate file on all CLDB nodes, depending on the service:
    • For MapR-specific services, edit /opt/mapr/conf/
    • For standard Hadoop services, edit /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-<version>/conf/
  2. In the sections specific to the service:
    • Un-comment the lines pertaining to the context to which you wish the service to send metrics.
    • Comment out the lines pertaining to other contexts.
  3. Restart the service.

To enable service metrics:

  1. As root (or using sudo), run the following commands:

To disable service metrics:

  1. As root (or using sudo), run the following commands:


In the following example, CLDB service metrics will be sent to the Ganglia context:

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