This is documentation for MapR version 4.0.x. You can also refer to MapR documentation for the latest or previous releases.

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The Logical Volume Manager creates symbolic links to each logical volume's block device, from a directory path in the form: /dev/<volume group>/<volume name>. MapR needs the actual block location, which you can find by using the ls -l command to list the symbolic links.

  1. Make sure you have free, unmounted logical volumes for use by MapR:
    • Unmount any mounted logical volumes that can be erased and used for MapR.
    • Allocate any free space in an existing logical volume group to new logical volumes.
  2. Make a note of the volume group and volume name of each logical volume.
  3. Use ls -l with the volume group and volume name to determine the path of each logical volume's block device. Each logical volume is a symbolic link to a logical block device from a directory path that uses the volume group and volume name: /dev/<volume group>/<volume name>
    The following example shows output that represents a volume group named mapr containing logical volumes named mapr1, mapr2, mapr3, and mapr4:
  4. Create a text file /tmp/disks.txt containing the paths to the block devices for the logical volumes (one path on each line). Example:
  5. Pass disks.txt to disksetup
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