This site contains release notes for MapR Version 5.0 and below.  You can also refer to the release notes for the latest release.

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New in This Release

As this is the first release, there are no added or changed features.

Resolved Issues

As this is the first release, there are no issues resolved or carried over from a previous release.

Known Issues

(Issue 2495) NTP Requirement

To keep all cluster nodes time-synchronized, MapR requires NTP to be configured and running on every node. If server clocks in the cluster drift out of sync, serious problems will occur with HBase and other MapR services. MapR raises a Time Skew alarm on any out-of-sync nodes. See for more information about obtaining and installing NTP. In the event that a large adjustment must be made to the time on a particular node, you should stop ZooKeeper on the node, then adjust the time, then restart ZooKeeper.

(Issue 2434) Mirroring Disabled in Alpha

Volume Mirroring is intentionally disabled in the MapR Alpha Release. User interface elements and API commands related to mirroring are non-functional.

(Issue 2282) fsck Not Present in Alpha

MapR cluster fsck is not present in the Alpha release.

(Issue 10598)

When a node's IP number is reassigned to another node, remote procedure calls are misdirected to the wrong node. This can result in widespread errors affecting any system that use the RPC binding layer, including container resync operations that never finish or the creation of several superfluous containers. Restart the cluster to clear this condition.

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