This is documentation for MapR Version 5.0. You can also refer to MapR documentation for the latest release.

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Comment: Updates for Feedback #1378, per Chad Smykay


  1. On each cluster, make a note of the cluster name and CLDB nodes (the first line in mapr-clusters.conf)
  2. On each webserver and CLDB node, add the remote cluster's CLDB nodes to /opt/mapr/conf/mapr-clusters.conf, using the following format:

    Code Block
    clustername1  <CLDB> <CLDB> <CLDB>
    [ clustername2  <CLDB> <CLDB> <CLDB> ]
    [ ... ]

    For example, suppose you have a cluster, devcluster1, with two CLDB nodes, devcldb1-1 and devcldb1-2. Now you want to add a second cluster called devcluster2 with CLDB nodes devcldb2-1 and devcldb2-2. Edit the mapr-clusters.conf file and add the line for devcluster2 as shown:

    Code Block
    devcluster1 devcldb1-1:7222 devcldb1-2:7222
    devcluster2 devcldb2-1:7222 devcldb2-2:7222

    You must include the port number in the CLDB hostname notation.

  3. Set secure=true if both clusters are secure. Set secure=false if both clusters are not secure.


    Mirroring only works between two secure clusters or between two unsecure clusters. Mirroring does not work when one cluster is secure and the other is unsecure.

  4. If you set secure=true, you must generate a cross-cluster ticket before proceeding. See Mirror Volumes and Secure Clusters, which must be configured before you initiate a remote mirror. 
  5. On each cluster, restart the mapr-webserver service on all nodes where it is running.