This is documentation for MapR Version 5.0. You can also refer to MapR documentation for the latest release.

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Code Block
root@testnode100:/opt/mapr/conf/conf.d# hadoop2 conf | grep

root@testnode100:/opt/mapr/conf/conf.d# hadoop -yarn conf | grep

Syntax Summary

The following syntax summary applies to all commands.:

Syntax Summary

No Format
hadoop [-yarn|-classic] [--config confdir] [COMMAND] [GENERIC_OPTIONS] [COMMAND_OPTIONS]
hadoop1 [--config confdir] [COMMAND] [GENERIC_OPTIONS] [COMMAND_OPTIONS]
hadoop2 [--config confdir] [COMMAND] [GENERIC_OPTIONS] [COMMAND_OPTIONS]





Specifies the Hadoop version: yarn or classic

Aternatively, you can use a hadoop1 or hadoop2 command without setting the mode.

If you use a hadoop command (instead of hadoop1 or hadoop2) and do not set the mode, the command runs in the mode set by the MAPR_MAPREDUCE_MODE environment variable.

If this variable is not set, the command runs in the mode set in the hadoop version file on the node (default_mode = yarn or classic).

--config confdir

Overwrites the default Configuration directory. Default is ${HADOOP_HOME}/conf.


Various commands with their options are described in the following sections.


The common set of options supported by multiple commands.


Various command options are described in the following sections.


Unsupported Commands

MapR does not support the following Hadoop commands:

  • balancer

  • datanode

  • dfsadmin

  • fsck

  • fetchdt

  • jobtracker
  • namenode 

  • secondarynamenode

  • tasktracker

Generic Options

Implement the Tool interface to make the following command-line options available for many of the Hadoop commands.

Generic The following generic options are supported by the distcp, fs, job, mradmin, pipes, and queue Hadoop commands.:

Generic Option


-conf <filename1 filename2 ...>

Add the specified configuration files to the list of resources available in the configuration.

-D <property=value>

Set a value for the specified Hadoop configuration property.

-fs <local|filesystem URI>

Set the URI of the default filesystem.

-jt <local|jobtracker:port>

Specify a jobtracker for a given host and port. This command option is a shortcut for -D mapred.job.tracker=host:port

-files <file1,file2,...>

Specify files to be copied to the map reduce cluster.

-libjars <jar1,jar2,...>

Specify JAR files to be included in the classpath of the mapper and reducer tasks.

-archives <archive1,archive2,...>

Specify archive files (JAR, tar, tar.gz, ZIP) to be copied and unarchived on the task node.