This is documentation for MapR Version 5.0. You can also refer to MapR documentation for the latest release.

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-submit <job-file>

Submits the job.

-status <job-id>

Prints the map and reduce completion percentage and all job counters.

-counter <job-id> <group-name> <counter-name>

Prints the counter value.

-kill <job-id>

Kills the job.

-unblacklist <job-id> <hostname>

Removes a tasktracker job from the jobtracker's blacklist.

-unblacklist-tracker <hostname>

Admin only. Removes the TaskTracker at <hostname> from the JobTracker's global blacklist.

-set-priority <job-id> <priority>

Changes the priority of the job. Valid priority values are VERY_HIGH, HIGH, NORMAL, LOW, and VERY_LOW.
The job scheduler uses this property to determine the order in which jobs are run.

-events <job-id> <from-event-#> <#-of-events>

Prints the events' details received by jobtracker for the given range.

-history <jobOutputDir>

Prints job details, failed and killed tip details.

-list [all]

The -list all option displays all jobs. The -list command without the all option displays only jobs which are yet to complete.


Prints all active tasktrackers.


Prints the TaskTracker nodes that JobTracker blacklisted with the reason for blacklisting. 

-list-attempt-ids <job-id><task-type>

Lists the IDs of task attempts.

-kill-task <task-id>

Kills the task. Killed tasks are not counted against failed attempts.

-fail-task <task-id>

Fails the task. Failed tasks are counted against failed attempts.

-blacklist-tasktracker <hostname>

Pauses all current tasktracker jobs and prevent additional jobs from being scheduled on the tasktracker.


Dumps label information of all active nodes.


Manually blacklisting a tasktracker pauses any running jobs and prevents additional jobs from being scheduled.
For a detailed discussion see TaskTracker Blacklisting.