This site contains release notes for MapR Version 5.0 and below.  You can also refer to the release notes for the latest release.

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Scala 2.10.3 or later is a pre-requisite for Spark installation. Verify that Scala is installed on nodes where you plan to install Spark.


See the Interoperability Matrix page for detailed information about MapR server, JDK, client, and ecosystem compatibility.

Ecosystem Support

This release supports the following open source components.

Note that these the ecosystem components are hosted in a new ecosystem repository that is specific to Version 4.x:

This release is certified with Storm 0.9.2 and storm-yarn 0.9.0-wip21 on YARN.

To see a list of components supported in Version 4.0.1, see Ecosystem Support Matrix.

For the latest ecosystem information, see Hadoop Component Release Notes.

Unavailable in this Release